Working for Queenslanders

Working for the things that matter to Queenslanders - for all of us

Queenslanders have stood up for the things that matter against unprecedented attacks in recent years and made change happen. The people who deliver key services, the people who rely on them and the people who know that there is a better way have stood up when it mattered. 

Now, the government has changed but the things that matter are still worth working for. If you want to be part of that fight, if you want to get out there for change, Working For Queenslanders is the place you can do that.

For change. For all of us. 

Getting our priorities - rights

A Bill Of Rights for Queensland is in the news, but there’s more to do. Already thousands of you signed, shared and lead the discussion for rights in Queensland over the past few weeks. 

Download our Bill Of Rights For Queensland brochure here. 

It’s great news to see politicians talking a bill of rights, and how this is progressing, but as you can see from this news there is more work to be done to make sure every politician in Queensland understands just what is at stake and why getting moving on this matters to all of us – for the rights we all have.

See the news story here.