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    this is a good idea for Queensland workers
    However I can see opposition and scare tactics from business and the LNP in the form of moving the business interstate where the rights don't exist and the federal LNP using the constitution to over ride any state bill of rights
    However having said that if all the brains of the workers are used constructively and are listened to by the union leaders then these problems will be overcome to the betterment of all workers

    Queensland's Bill Of Rights

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    Queensland is a big place. 

    Queenslanders are ready for a big conversation, a conversation that is worth having - a conversation for our rights. 

    It's time for a real review into a bill of rights in Queensland. We all have rights as people, it's time that our democracy recognised those rights and gave them legal protection against politicians that go too far. 

    Do you support a bill of rights in Queensland? 

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  • commented on From the public health budget to private profits 2014-11-25 07:47:17 +1000 · Flag
    The latest Campbell health add promises set date and time for those long awaited operations for the public in public hospitals. Everybody who has waited for years for an operation is now eagerly looking forward to an appointment to get it done. Unfortunately operations take time and there are a limited number of surgeons capable of doing that particular operation and they spread their time between public and private hospitals. So what does this latest promise amount to. Yes you will be guaranteed an on time operation with a due date set BUT it will be set at a future date and will be still prioritised. So all that the LNP has achieved is a set date to stop the feeling of hopelessness and bank on the myth that they are doing something so that electors forget the hurt that the LNP is causing on the public.

  • commented on Your money to a foreign coal company 2015-02-01 08:24:12 +1000 · Flag
    HO HO Newman got the Heave ho
    Now it is Abbot’s turn

    Talk about pearls of wisdom from the LNP’s mouth.
    The deputy prime mister (Wareen Truss states and I quote" it is easier to criticize than to build" un-quote
    What he should have said is , It is easier to critize and destroy ( past years of hearing how bad the ALP and the destruction of industry and jobs than to build as we" the LNP" have no idea as to how to build something great for the country

  • answered no 2014-04-16 16:45:31 +1000
    Q: Should the government use taxpayer funds to fund an ad campaign supporting privatisation?
    A: no

    Pollie Pay Choices

    The Queensland government is spending millions of dollars of taxpayer money on an ad campaign to convince Queenslanders that the selloff of our public assets would be a "strong choice."

    They’ve even included a website and survey tool designed to make it look like privatisation is a good idea, and the only way to pay for services and to pay off debt that is supposedly "unsustainable."

    But their website doesn’t tell the whole story, and the choices it allows you to make are only the ones the government wants you to make.

    For example, it doesn’t give you the option of making the "strong choice" to refuse the pollie pay rises delivered by the "independent" tribunal – a move that would save Queenslanders many millions of dollars that could be used to fund vital services.

    We’re asking for the Treasurer to:

    • refuse the massive politicians’ pay increase;
    • be honest and open, put the full facts on the table;
    • focus on getting services for Queenslanders, not on spending taxpayer money to support a "listening" campaign when you have already made up your mind.

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  • commented on Chip in for our ad 2013-12-15 12:10:37 +1000 · Flag
    Why oh why does every body want another upper house of Campbell newmans. Isn’t one level of government of newmans enough for anybody. With all the rises in costs and the reduction in services and public sell offs why would we want another level of costs just to ratify what newman is already doing. Think people . The reason we got a newman is because we were gullible and fell for his and the LNP’s lies. Just remember at the next election just as we did at the last who controls the government. WE do . So stop winging and work to throw out this egoistical maniac at the next election