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    Queensland's children can't wait

    Child safety is everyone’s business, and as community members we recognise the role that we have to play. However, Child Safety Services have an important and particular role in keeping Queensland's children safe from harm.

    As a community, we believe our responsibility to ensure that our children have safe and healthy upbringings is one of the most important there is.

    Child Safety Services do an extremely difficult job with resources that do not match the community's needs. Child Safety Services is our last line of defence for harm against children, and we need to properly resource the department so that its workers can do their job to the best of their ability. We call upon you to listen to the workers that know best about how to support our at-risk children and families, and implement a funding model that supports them.

    Queensland's children can't wait.

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    If there's one thing Australians believe in, it's the right to a 'fair go'. That's why it's not surprising to hear from so many of you that you're concerned about the unfair treatment of refugees.

    As Queenslanders, we believe that people who come to Australia, including refugees and asylum seekers, should be free to live by the values of our country and they too should have fairness, equality, respect - a fair go.


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    Be a part of the #createwelcome campaign today if you think refugees deserve a fair go. Register below to receive a #createwelcome kit in the mail so you can take your very own #createwelcome selfie.

    Queenslanders say welcome!



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    Join the Purple Army!

    Purple Army

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    Our Purple Army – people who do big things together for the things that matter.

    Over the past few years, supporters have spoken up, come together and got active to change how politics is done in Queensland and won.

    Now, it’s time for the next step – to go beyond the electoral cycle, to build on these efforts and get out there to grow, develop and power a movement ready to act together for the services we all rely on, for a better state and a new politics.

    Making the decision to get involved, to say with courage that there is a better way. Asking people to join with you is one of the most powerful things anybody can do to build a better future. Something you can do – something worth doing for all of us.

    This is our Purple Army – people ready to do more because our community calls upon them.

    Making Queensland a better place to live, work and grow.

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