Jude Williams

Disadvantaged people always cop the brunt of any cuts by politicians. As an aged pensioner (formerly disability pensioner) I was appalled to find that this current Transport Minister has doubled the administration fee for long distance train travel. Up from $12.50 to $25.00 each way to book a train trip!! So for me to have a "free" Tilt Train trip to Rockhampton and back, will cost $50. Outrageous when you consider this is only a few key strokes on a computer and no more 10 minute contact time with a REAL human!!

So there goes my idea of a holiday. Why is it that as an aged pensioner who is an extremely careful budgeter who just manages to run a car, can't afford a holiday??

Shame on you Mr Newman and your 'colleagues'

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    No TAFE takeover

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    We are calling on Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk and Minister for Skills and Training Yvette D'Ath to oppose the Turnbull government’s plans to takeover TAFE and open the doors to private providers rushing in to profit off students seeking vocational education.

    See the leaked plan here. 

    Last year when Queenslanders voted for change, they voted against cuts, privatisation of their public services and assets – including TAFE. The Palaszczuk government has taken important steps to reverse the attacks on the sector under the Newman government and should be commended for their efforts to put students and workers ahead of the wholesale privatisation of the sector envisaged by the LNP and their big business backers.

    Add your name today and join with the Queenslanders calling for a better public TAFE not the dismantling of the sector through cuts, privatisation and fee hikes. 

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