Alvar Dalton

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    The original bill of rights by people who have seen what a tyrannical government looks like believed that the right to defend the self, property and fight against governments that would whittle away at human rights. Without the tools to defend your rights, you cannot keep those rights. Say forced conscription is enacted. Every person from age 18 is told to report to a central area in their town. An armed force would think twice before coming into a community full of guns and people who have the will to use them. That is what Americans have and what our nation’s forebears had in mind for us. Also, our supreme bill of rights bought with blood of patriots was made into an act of the new ACT government in order for it to be repealed! The bill of rights 1688 was in force until 1988. EVERY law made from that date is unlawful. As there was no referendum to remove the citizens right to bear arms. It now lives on constrained by this monstrosity Australian Capital Territory (Self‑Government) Act 1988. Unless our rights as free citizens are enshrined in our constitution and to not be infringed ever we’re doomed to corrupted governments forever.