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    Step up for a better Queensland!

    Working for Queenslanders is an organisation that creates positive change in Queensland through online and offline actions.

    Right now, we're facing threats to our public services that should be publicly owned, publicly funded, and available to all.

    What happens next is up to you. 

    Signing up to become a Working for Queenslanders volunteer means you can help spread our message in the community, targeting politicians and reminding them that we expect quality public services that deliver for everyone.

    Thousands of people across Queensland have already put up their hands to be involved. Will you join them?

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    If there's one thing Australians believe in, it's the right to a 'fair go'. That's why it's not surprising to hear from so many of you that you're concerned about the unfair treatment of refugees.

    As Queenslanders, we believe that people who come to Australia, including refugees and asylum seekers, should be free to live by the values of our country and they too should have fairness, equality, respect - a fair go.


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    Be a part of the #createwelcome campaign today if you think refugees deserve a fair go. Register below to receive a #createwelcome kit in the mail so you can take your very own #createwelcome selfie.

    Queenslanders say welcome!



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