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    Sign the petition: Children can't wait

    Queensland's children can't wait

    Child safety is everyone’s business, and as community members we recognise the role that we have to play. However, Child Safety Services have an important and particular role in keeping Queensland's children safe from harm.

    As a community, we believe our responsibility to ensure that our children have safe and healthy upbringings is one of the most important there is.

    Child Safety Services do an extremely difficult job with resources that do not match the community's needs. Child Safety Services is our last line of defence for harm against children, and we need to properly resource the department so that its workers can do their job to the best of their ability. We call upon you to listen to the workers that know best about how to support our at-risk children and families, and implement a funding model that supports them.

    Queensland's children can't wait.

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    Sign the petition: Reef and Climate

    Our Reef, Our Climate, Our Queensland

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    To: Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk and Minister Anthony Lynham, 

    Experts are telling us that the Great Barrier Reef is experiencing the worst coral bleaching event ever seen and it is all because of climate change. Our reef is grappling with the impacts of climate change. You say that you care about protecting the reef but your actions speak louder than your words.

    Recently, you granted the mining leases for Adani's Carmichael mega-mine. As Queenslanders, we know that outdated coal projects like Carmichael mine cannot coexist with our reef. We don't want workers and their communities left in the lurch when the future of the fossil fuel industry looks rocky. Queenslanders have a vision for a future powered by the wind and the sun, which supports healthier communities and protects the Great Barrier Reef for our kids. 

    We have all of the technology and people power we need to transform our energy system, create healthier communities and an economy that provides thousands of clean jobs for Queensland. We are calling on you to stand up for our reef, our climate and Queensland's future by:

    • Actively creating a clean jobs plan for Queensland that creates healthier and sustainable communities
    • Developing a fair and just transition plan for workers and communities away from outdated fuels and towards clean energy 
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    Irrespective of its contents, it is vital that breaches or allegations of breach must be able to be contested in a Court of Law. Under the Doctrine of the Separation of Powers, the Government of the day must be able to be held accountable for any actions or inactions which bring it into dispute with the Human Rights Act (as proposed). I am aware that the elected Government has the ultimate power in a democracy, however, we have witnessed the abuses, even within our own State, that unchecked, unfettered Government can and have brought upon those who elected it.

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    We need State and Federal Bills of Rights, that can only be changed by a referendum.
    It must guarantee minimum standards for health, education and welfare.
    It must guarantee minimum standards for workers, including OH&S, wages, hours of work, penalty rates and job security.
    It must protect citizens from bad practices by corporations, such as banks, multinational corporations and media corporations.
    It must incorporate and strengthen all the protections afforded citizens under Anti-Discrimination, Racial Vilification and similar Acts already extant.
    This list is not conclusive.

    Queensland's Bill Of Rights

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    Queensland is a big place. 

    Queenslanders are ready for a big conversation, a conversation that is worth having - a conversation for our rights. 

    It's time for a real review into a bill of rights in Queensland. We all have rights as people, it's time that our democracy recognised those rights and gave them legal protection against politicians that go too far. 

    Do you support a bill of rights in Queensland? 

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  • answered 2013-11-16 08:24:12 +1000
    Q: What message do you think will help us change the conversation for judicial independence in Queensland?
    A: Focus on not reversing the changes from the Fitzgerald Inquiry

    Your say on our campaign for judicial independence

    Thousands of Queenslanders have stepped up already in support of judicial independence against Campbell Newman's political attacks by signing our petition. 

    We know there is more to do to change the conversation in Queensland and to demonstrate to politicians that further power grabs undermine the Queensland so many people have worked so hard to build. 

    We know we need to do more to grow our campaign and to get the message out there. That's why we're asking supporters like you, people who have stepped up before, to do it again by sharing your ideas for the tactics we should take next.

    Thank you in advance for having your say and growing our movement for a better Queensland, for standing for judicial independence not shortsighted political attacks. 

    You've done it before, now you can help determine the next steps, answer YES or NO on the first question below to start the brief four question survey. 

    We'll be in touch soon with the results and what we can do to grow our voice for judicial independence in Queensland. 


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