Mary Wooderson

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    Privatisation will directly affect my grandson’s life in the future he is autistic.It will directly affect two of my children who are employed by disability Queensland.It will directly affect many businesses in Ipswich who provide services that those people who are retrenched will no longer be able to afford.This will have an effect on schools who may find their numbers drop as parents pack their children up and go looking for work.It will affect people who bought houses based on their wages which will lead to a glut of houses on the market,many families who are servicing high levels of debt based on the income they had .Lastly ,Ipswich has a large number of people with disabilities due to the proximity of institutions prior to deinstitutionalisation,how is the removal of services,of people they know and trust going to save Queensland from debt?So much for a premier who in one fell swoop is prepared to destroy the oldest city in Queensland and deny some of the most vulnerable members of our community their home and lifestyle,people with a disability and the children of those parents being sacked. Shame on you Newman and cohorts not forgetting the man who received a payment large enough to feed and house several families so he could tell Newman how to save money,Costello.