Dennis Langshaw

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    THERE IS NO WAY CAMPBELL NEWMAN WILL GET BACK IN….Ill BET MY FUTURE and that of my kids on that one….Because I cant loose…We will have No Future and neither will any generation if he does get back in.

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    As They Fall Like Domino’s and they continue to listen to their Highly Paid Private Business advisers about how to win our confidence…I surely Hope this becomes the Foundation Stone For all Politicians to Follow and Learn by, Being: Not to lie to the Public and Always Listen to the People.

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    You Campbell Newman have stepped all over the Graves of our Forefathers in their Dream and Hard work to Benefit all Australians by The Misconception and Miss-belief that Australians Agree with Your Treasonous theory That Selling off our assets is a Benefit for and In the Public’s Best Interest no matter how rosy you try to sell it.
    You Sir are NOT AN AUSTRALIAN.

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    Keith Biles
    You really should study more (or read what you write before sending)
    Socialism has NOTHING to do with Control of anything or anyone……Your talking Capitalism or Communism (Both being opposite ends of each meaning)… You my friend have listened to, too much of American Propaganda (the Yanks Are the ONLY country in the WORLD that believes 100% that both are one?)…and there is an ultimate reason for that, but you need to research that for yourself.
    Fascism (Hitlers belief) is one opposite to socialism
    Socialism is what occurs after Communism collapses or capitalism.
    Its the Road between the two, After America won the war of Independence, They don’t like to admit it but it was a socialist county,This is what their Human rights and Democracy was based on, and with a constitution to finalise the embodiment of their socialist beginning’s.
    But as with all country’s, In time the rich prosper and become affluent, with this come’s GREED,( The need to keep one’s earnings to oneself with the desperate desire for More at any cost resulting in STATUS,BIGOTRY and CORRUPTION.)….This leads to a System and CONTROL called CAPITALISM.
    This is what America has Evolved to.
    This is What Australian Politicians are So Desperate for Australians to become.
    This is why we are going down the pathway of Privatisation.

    Socialism is to do with Looking after the people with equality and Human rights at the forefront of it’s Idealism, and all else is built around those fundamental beliefs, For example: The right to life over all things is the number one rule. This means no matter how poor you are you have a right to eat in order to live and have shelter you call a home with water to drink at NO COST if it comes to that, This is why Australia was ALWAYS called the Lucky Country! We once had those rights.
    NOW This generation of people are so content with their life, They don’t give a shit what Governments do….
    We need a recession in this country to remind people what it is like to have nothing I’m sorry to say.
    Because if we don’t’, and we allow them to Erode our system as we know it in favor of Capitalism, Then it will be too late.
    You have heard of a saying , “The quiet achiever”This was loosely derived from socialism, where someone cares and bares the burdens of life and battles on without a whimper, that’s socialism, Where we look after the elderly, the sick,the children,and the underprivileged with utmost respect at any cost, THAT MY FRIEND IS SOCIALISM !
    And I am A SOCIALIST and PROUD of it, Because Socialism is where you stand up for your mate and is as AUSSIE as Football meat pie’s Kangaroos and Holden Cars.
    My suggestion old Mate is if you want to embrace those ANTI SOCIALIST Attitudes and cant cope with it…Then you are FREE TO CHOOSE to move to Good old US of A, anytime you want.! Because THAT"S SOCIALISM.

  • answered no 2014-04-16 15:42:10 +1000
    Q: Should the government use taxpayer funds to fund an ad campaign supporting privatisation?
    A: no

    Pollie Pay Choices

    The Queensland government is spending millions of dollars of taxpayer money on an ad campaign to convince Queenslanders that the selloff of our public assets would be a "strong choice."

    They’ve even included a website and survey tool designed to make it look like privatisation is a good idea, and the only way to pay for services and to pay off debt that is supposedly "unsustainable."

    But their website doesn’t tell the whole story, and the choices it allows you to make are only the ones the government wants you to make.

    For example, it doesn’t give you the option of making the "strong choice" to refuse the pollie pay rises delivered by the "independent" tribunal – a move that would save Queenslanders many millions of dollars that could be used to fund vital services.

    We’re asking for the Treasurer to:

    • refuse the massive politicians’ pay increase;
    • be honest and open, put the full facts on the table;
    • focus on getting services for Queenslanders, not on spending taxpayer money to support a "listening" campaign when you have already made up your mind.

    Take the simple three-question survey below to share your views.

    Take the survey