Kerry Camilleri

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    Totally against privatisation as its only interest is profit driven out comes. Selling off assets is something that Queenslander’s do not take lightly. Look at Ergon our only privatised electricity company. They charge like wounded bulls. Cambell Newman is not in this job because he deserves to be he’s in it for his own securement. That is to secure a wealthy future for himself and family. Abbott will do exactly the same as Newman has and the country will suffer more than it ever has. Look at America and the UK. These are the templates of the LNP governments. We are a socially Just country. We need to be proud that we have a culture of looking out for working every day people and the disadvantaged. Lets keep Australia a country we can be proud of and a Queensland that we can be faithful too. Wake up Australia for the sake of the county and all that we stand for as Australians!