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    Thank you for always making it so effortless for us to do the right thing. Without your efforts, our busy lifestyle would often see my good intentions left unattended.


    If there's one thing Australians believe in, it's the right to a 'fair go'. That's why it's not surprising to hear from so many of you that you're concerned about the unfair treatment of refugees.

    As Queenslanders, we believe that people who come to Australia, including refugees and asylum seekers, should be free to live by the values of our country and they too should have fairness, equality, respect - a fair go.


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    Be a part of the #createwelcome campaign today if you think refugees deserve a fair go. Register below to receive a #createwelcome kit in the mail so you can take your very own #createwelcome selfie.

    Queenslanders say welcome!



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    Our Reef, Our Climate, Our Queensland

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    To: Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk and Minister Anthony Lynham, 

    Experts are telling us that the Great Barrier Reef is experiencing the worst coral bleaching event ever seen and it is all because of climate change. Our reef is grappling with the impacts of climate change. You say that you care about protecting the reef but your actions speak louder than your words.

    Recently, you granted the mining leases for Adani's Carmichael mega-mine. As Queenslanders, we know that outdated coal projects like Carmichael mine cannot coexist with our reef. We don't want workers and their communities left in the lurch when the future of the fossil fuel industry looks rocky. Queenslanders have a vision for a future powered by the wind and the sun, which supports healthier communities and protects the Great Barrier Reef for our kids. 

    We have all of the technology and people power we need to transform our energy system, create healthier communities and an economy that provides thousands of clean jobs for Queensland. We are calling on you to stand up for our reef, our climate and Queensland's future by:

    • Actively creating a clean jobs plan for Queensland that creates healthier and sustainable communities
    • Developing a fair and just transition plan for workers and communities away from outdated fuels and towards clean energy 
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