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    This Queensland Government has proven by actions ; with out any doubt to be a Labor/Self Socialist attitude movement.. WITHOUT ANY REGARD for a Democratic Rule i.e.. A GOVERNMENT OF THE PEOPLE/ BY THE PEOPLE/ FOR THE PEOPLE.. Deceitful display of contempt for/ with supreme control ; with only SELF MONETRY GAIN ADVANCEMENT..(SNOUT IN THE TROUGH) As history has before perversely demonstrated.. Recall just recently the adverse (without any consideration for the comfort of the citizens) EMMERSON..(Transport)…SPRINGBORG..(Health)…..At the next Election…. COMPLETLY PURGE THE PEOPLE’S STATE OF QUEENSLAND…..OF THIS MORALY DEVOIDGARBAGE

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    Q: Should the government use taxpayer funds to fund an ad campaign supporting privatisation?
    A: no

    Pollie Pay Choices

    The Queensland government is spending millions of dollars of taxpayer money on an ad campaign to convince Queenslanders that the selloff of our public assets would be a "strong choice."

    They’ve even included a website and survey tool designed to make it look like privatisation is a good idea, and the only way to pay for services and to pay off debt that is supposedly "unsustainable."

    But their website doesn’t tell the whole story, and the choices it allows you to make are only the ones the government wants you to make.

    For example, it doesn’t give you the option of making the "strong choice" to refuse the pollie pay rises delivered by the "independent" tribunal – a move that would save Queenslanders many millions of dollars that could be used to fund vital services.

    We’re asking for the Treasurer to:

    • refuse the massive politicians’ pay increase;
    • be honest and open, put the full facts on the table;
    • focus on getting services for Queenslanders, not on spending taxpayer money to support a "listening" campaign when you have already made up your mind.

    Take the simple three-question survey below to share your views.

    Take the survey

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    Privatisation is another descriptive/term used for NON-DEMOCRATIC SOCIALISM…it was attempted by Ben Chifley to nationalise the Banks…for the purpose of control of the States Finance it was VETOED…repeat!!! or move to China/Nth Korea..