Machs Colombani

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    It is a human right to have the basics of a free and happy life and to pursue the goal for our children’s, children .To not let Governments be dictotrial and make laws that don’t benefit all .The right to be free and to choose a life that a individual wants .That all governments must be accountable for their actions that conflict with Human Rights .That no Government can abuse its elected power and remain unchecked .The Freedom from want ,freedom of religion ,freedom oppression and discrimination because of Race Creed or Colour .

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    Newman Lies just as much as Abbott and Hocking lies what should you expect fro a half baked LNP Party that in turmoil both of a State and Federal Level .No more BS and fancy brochures Newman we want real public monies spent on Public Assests not Sold or Leased off . Your Days are Numbered LNP …Did you note that te LNP only after ONE TERM were ousted by the Victorian Voters? Id be worried Newman … M. Colombani signed

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    Q: Should money in the public health budget go towards public health or go towards lining the pocket of private companies?
    A: Public health care matters and public money should go to access in this system.

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    I am angry at the further lies and now corrupt Newman LNP Government not satisfied with wanting to sell off Public assets they now change tact and want to Lease our assets. Talk about shifty Education Hospitals Public assests all are suffering under the LNP Newman Government and not only The Qld LNP but the Federal LNP Government wants to shaft us even more promoting the LIE of the Deficit further blaming it all on the Debt ..People know that Australia’s credit rating in the world is still three stars .. Abbott and Hocking are blatants liars and masters of broken promises . Do you recall what Abbott promised he wouldnt do ? and he has done what broken everyone of them . Campbell Newman followed suit and broke all his promises as well. The only thing the LNP helps is Corporations and big business and disregards the Sick The Aged The Servicemen and Women of the ADF ,The education of Universities by raising Hex Fees to USA standards and trying to Introduce a USA style Health System which failed in the USA and will fail here. Dont be foled by their advertisments funded by you the taxpayer..