Daryl Cornish

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    This government was elected on a lie – that public servants would not be affected. The previous government would have achieved the same outcomes as this one – only over a longer time period. Newman is rushing to make a surplus when there is no need to be so fast.

    Privatisation of services usually costs the people more in the long run than maintaining existing services. Electricity costs are a good example. The overspending of the private companies just adds to their profits. And you cant blame them because they are profit orientated.

    But the public pays!

    Privatisation of disability services is against the best interests of the service users – the disabled. I see the difference in care given to the people in private care every day and it dose not come near the care given in the AS&RS service. The AS&RS could be just as competitive as the private organisations if the quality of service was reduced to their level. The public have become accustomed to quality services and will be negative about a government that takes away this service at no long term advantage.

    I expect the next elections will advertise that “Anybody who knows somebody who has lost their job or funding because of a Newman cut-back should vote Labour!”