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    No TAFE takeover

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    We are calling on Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk and Minister for Skills and Training Yvette D'Ath to oppose the Turnbull government’s plans to takeover TAFE and open the doors to private providers rushing in to profit off students seeking vocational education.

    See the leaked plan here. 

    Last year when Queenslanders voted for change, they voted against cuts, privatisation of their public services and assets – including TAFE. The Palaszczuk government has taken important steps to reverse the attacks on the sector under the Newman government and should be commended for their efforts to put students and workers ahead of the wholesale privatisation of the sector envisaged by the LNP and their big business backers.

    Add your name today and join with the Queenslanders calling for a better public TAFE not the dismantling of the sector through cuts, privatisation and fee hikes. 

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    Campbell Newman is Sprouting about all the Jobs that he is going to provide for us Queenslanders But where is the money coming from to create these positions after all he keeps telling us we are in Big Debt that the Labor Government got us into and remember he had to put a lot of Queenslanders out of work in an attempt to stop the State from going broke, And now he wants to Lease out for 99years our other crucial services to the highest bidders and what happens if these companies go broke which is quite on the cards I can recall a private hospital being opened in Mount Isa and this eventually went broke because people couldn’t afford the fees and this will happen in the future if Newman gets back in and his promises of creating more jobs are as empty as he is after all he hasn’t sold or leased the Qld Assets yet so how can he make Empty Promises

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    Q: Should the government use taxpayer funds to fund an ad campaign supporting privatisation?
    A: no

    Pollie Pay Choices

    The Queensland government is spending millions of dollars of taxpayer money on an ad campaign to convince Queenslanders that the selloff of our public assets would be a "strong choice."

    They’ve even included a website and survey tool designed to make it look like privatisation is a good idea, and the only way to pay for services and to pay off debt that is supposedly "unsustainable."

    But their website doesn’t tell the whole story, and the choices it allows you to make are only the ones the government wants you to make.

    For example, it doesn’t give you the option of making the "strong choice" to refuse the pollie pay rises delivered by the "independent" tribunal – a move that would save Queenslanders many millions of dollars that could be used to fund vital services.

    We’re asking for the Treasurer to:

    • refuse the massive politicians’ pay increase;
    • be honest and open, put the full facts on the table;
    • focus on getting services for Queenslanders, not on spending taxpayer money to support a "listening" campaign when you have already made up your mind.

    Take the simple three-question survey below to share your views.

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