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    Our Reef, Our Climate, Our Queensland

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    To: Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk and Minister Anthony Lynham, 

    Experts are telling us that the Great Barrier Reef is experiencing the worst coral bleaching event ever seen and it is all because of climate change. Our reef is grappling with the impacts of climate change. You say that you care about protecting the reef but your actions speak louder than your words.

    Recently, you granted the mining leases for Adani's Carmichael mega-mine. As Queenslanders, we know that outdated coal projects like Carmichael mine cannot coexist with our reef. We don't want workers and their communities left in the lurch when the future of the fossil fuel industry looks rocky. Queenslanders have a vision for a future powered by the wind and the sun, which supports healthier communities and protects the Great Barrier Reef for our kids. 

    We have all of the technology and people power we need to transform our energy system, create healthier communities and an economy that provides thousands of clean jobs for Queensland. We are calling on you to stand up for our reef, our climate and Queensland's future by:

    • Actively creating a clean jobs plan for Queensland that creates healthier and sustainable communities
    • Developing a fair and just transition plan for workers and communities away from outdated fuels and towards clean energy 
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  • signed No TAFE takeover 2016-02-11 13:31:27 +1000
    School leavers are continually being told to take TAFE Courses, to develop skills and enable them to gain employment, they can’t if TAFE Colleges are not available!!!

    No TAFE takeover

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    We are calling on Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk and Minister for Skills and Training Yvette D'Ath to oppose the Turnbull government’s plans to takeover TAFE and open the doors to private providers rushing in to profit off students seeking vocational education.

    See the leaked plan here. 

    Last year when Queenslanders voted for change, they voted against cuts, privatisation of their public services and assets – including TAFE. The Palaszczuk government has taken important steps to reverse the attacks on the sector under the Newman government and should be commended for their efforts to put students and workers ahead of the wholesale privatisation of the sector envisaged by the LNP and their big business backers.

    Add your name today and join with the Queenslanders calling for a better public TAFE not the dismantling of the sector through cuts, privatisation and fee hikes. 

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  • answered no 2014-04-16 14:46:29 +1000
    Q: Should the government use taxpayer funds to fund an ad campaign supporting privatisation?
    A: no

    Pollie Pay Choices

    The Queensland government is spending millions of dollars of taxpayer money on an ad campaign to convince Queenslanders that the selloff of our public assets would be a "strong choice."

    They’ve even included a website and survey tool designed to make it look like privatisation is a good idea, and the only way to pay for services and to pay off debt that is supposedly "unsustainable."

    But their website doesn’t tell the whole story, and the choices it allows you to make are only the ones the government wants you to make.

    For example, it doesn’t give you the option of making the "strong choice" to refuse the pollie pay rises delivered by the "independent" tribunal – a move that would save Queenslanders many millions of dollars that could be used to fund vital services.

    We’re asking for the Treasurer to:

    • refuse the massive politicians’ pay increase;
    • be honest and open, put the full facts on the table;
    • focus on getting services for Queenslanders, not on spending taxpayer money to support a "listening" campaign when you have already made up your mind.

    Take the simple three-question survey below to share your views.

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    We CANNOT let it happen.When you really think about it, If privatisation goes ahead, the government is doing itself out of a job!

    Our Purpose

     What will build a better Queensland?

    Your involvement and survey feedback have also been building ideas about what is important for a better Queensland.

    The Working for Queenslanders Purpose Statement is the result: a foundation to unite us and principles to guide our actions.

    1. We believe that Queenslanders should have the opportunity to have the best lives possible.
    2. We believe it is the role of government in society to develop strategies in partnership with communities to provide the framework for a safe and civilised society for all Queenslanders in which all Queenslanders can positively engage no matter where in the state they live, what they earn and no matter what their background.
    3. We believe that all Queenslanders should have access to quality health care no matter where in the state they live and no matter what their income and that the government must remain directly responsible for the delivery of health services. We believe our government should strive to have the world’s best health care for all Queenslanders.
    4. We recognise the right of Queenslanders to access private health services but this must remain a choice not a necessity.
    5. We believe that all Queenslanders should have a right to the best education possible no matter where they live or what they earn. The delivery of education must be on the basis of investing in Queenslanders not on the basis of short term economic benefits to the local economy.
    6. We believe that the government’s role in providing all Queenslanders access to quality free education applies equally to children and adults and that all Queenslanders  have a right to quality pre-school, school and higher education.
    7. We recognise the right of Queenslanders to access private educational services but this must remain a choice not a necessity.
    8. It is the role of government to protect the Queensland environment for future generations of Queenslanders.
    9. It is the role of government to manage Queensland’s natural resources for all current and future Queenslanders.
    10. It is the role of government to provide a safe community for Queenslanders through an appropriately resourced criminal justice system which includes a publicly owned and operated system of correctional facilities which ensure a continued focus on security and rehabilitation.
    11. It is the role of government to protect all Queenslanders but in particular those Queenslanders who are most vulnerable such as our children. It must be a priority that all Queensland children are appropriately covered by a publicly funded and operated child protection system.
    12. All Queenslanders should have equal access to justice through our courts system no matter where they live or what they earn.
    13. It is the role of government to provide appropriate regulation of Queenslanders’ working lives and protect Queenslanders at work. It is also the role of government to protect the rights of workers to collectively organise to improve their wages and conditions.
    14. We recognise Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples as the First Australians with ongoing connection  with their land and their culture and their contribution to  Queensland. We also recognise the need for community led, targeted services to address education, health, and justice  challenges still faced within many Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities.
    15. We recognise that people from all parts of the state, including Queenslanders living in regional and remote Queensland, contribute and that it is our shared responsibility to deliver services to ensure no one is disadvantaged by their location.
    16. We recognise the contributions and experiences of many groups to our society including Queenslanders from diverse communities and with diverse needs and that services need to address these needs to ensure a society where all Queenslanders have the opportunity for the best lives possible.
    17. We believe that all Queenslanders should have access within the confines of a safe and civilised society to high quality health services, education and training, ongoing access through the generations to the environment and natural resources, safety and justice and fairness in working lives.
    18. We believe this should be provided in culturally safe ways and environments, free from discrimination, and in all locations.
    19. We believe that the government’s role is to develop strategies in partnership with our communities to develop positive engagement in a safe and civilised society.