Max Grenkowitz

  • commented on Your money to a foreign coal company 2014-11-20 13:19:41 +1000 · Flag
    In Germany, almost 200 municipalities have reclaimed their energy generation and water systems… a trend that is occurring worldwide, even in the U.S.A. However, and let’s be clear about this, Queenslanders have voted this government in, and as such have to take the blame for voting in a party that has a track-record of working against its electorate and people. Wake up Queensland! We will see what you really think at the next election, both, state and federal!
    Resources belong to the people! Public utilities are and have to remain public utilities… natural monopolies which serve the people; and as we know today, no matter the efficiency level they have, they were / are still cheaper with their services compared to private corporations creating shareholder value /profits, the people have to pay.
    Like other said: get rid of this LNP mob ASAP.
    @peter Bachelor: I like your comparison to the KODAK moment! Very good.