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    Queensland's children can't wait

    Child safety is everyone’s business, and as community members we recognise the role that we have to play. However, Child Safety Services have an important and particular role in keeping Queensland's children safe from harm.

    As a community, we believe our responsibility to ensure that our children have safe and healthy upbringings is one of the most important there is.

    Child Safety Services do an extremely difficult job with resources that do not match the community's needs. Child Safety Services is our last line of defence for harm against children, and we need to properly resource the department so that its workers can do their job to the best of their ability. We call upon you to listen to the workers that know best about how to support our at-risk children and families, and implement a funding model that supports them.

    Queensland's children can't wait.

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    Campbell Newman needs to know that we are not going to let him and his power grabbing tactics continue. We want to be heard and we want him to listen to us, what we want. He can not just sack people because they don’t agree with him. He must be held accountable