Our planet is at risk.

Our planet is at tipping point.

What we do over the next few years will determine how much damage will be done as a result of climate change. Climate change will occur, but we can still reduce the scale of the change. However, if we do nothing the results will be disastrous.


In Queensland we know that our climate is changing and we face more extreme weather events, more often. That is why Queenslanders care so strongly about the need for real action now before its is too late for our state.

I know that you have not heard much from Working for Queenslanders for a while but now we are asking you to join a movement of Queenslanders for real action on climate change.

Since the last federal election some politicians and the Murdoch press are claiming that Queenslanders don't believe in climate change or just don't care. They are opposed to real action on climate change because they think it will cost multinational corporations too much money. Queenslanders know climate change is real, despite what they read in the Courier Mail.

We are launching the Our Queensland – Our Future campaign to give every Queenslander an opportunity to be part of the movement that can make a difference in their home, their workplace and their community.

If you care about Queensland and you care about the future of our planet please sign up today at www.ourqueensland.org.au

Next month students across the world will striking as part of the campaign for real action. They know what is at stake, which is why thousands of Queensland students will be joining in this action.

All Queenslanders who understand the threat of climate change should support these students in their actions and through Our Queensland – Our Future we are co-ordinating how as workers, as parents and as Queenslanders we can stand with the students on Friday 20 September.

Most people won't be able to attend on the day but we need to stand up and be heard. Our Queensland – Our Future will give you the opportunity to stand with the students so we can send a strong united message to the politicians that we demand real action on climate change.

Show you care.

Get involved and make a difference before it's too late.