1 Day to Stop Privatisation

1 day to go. 1 day to send a message to Campbell Newman’s LNP to stop their privatisation plans.

Privatisation is going to be a key deciding issue in this election. You’ve demonstrated before that you want quality public services not privatisation and you can show this once more when you vote.

We’ve seen more evidence over the past few days of how the same big companies who stand to benefit from privatising public health services in our hospitals have been financing the LNP’s advertising blitz.

Campbell Newman’s LNP is telling Queenslanders that they must vote for their narrow ideological agenda and for the privatisation of electricity assets, and health services to be run for profit. Queenslanders deserve better than the LNP who are selling us short, and selling services to the highest bidder.

Tomorrow, you can show that it’s time to deliver a better Queensland for all of us not more lies from Campbell Newman’s LNP.    Thank you for your ongoing commitment to a better Queensland – to jobs, services and stopping the sale of assets.

When you vote on Saturday you have a chance to show that commitment by numbering every square and putting the LNP last. Don’t forget to bring ID. If you don’t have ID you can still have your say with a declaration vote. If you have issues call Getup’s Voter ID hotline - 1800 175 958 Polls 6pm tomorrow, Saturday, 31 January. You can see the full list of where you can have your say in Queensland here.

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