A bill of rights for you. For Queensland

In last week’s email we asked supporters like you to have your say in our survey about whether you would support a bill of rights for Queensland and the support was overwhelming.

91% of respondents in this survey said they would support a bill of rights, a bill to recognise, protect and enhance the rights we all have.

Sign the petition for a bill of rights for Queensland today.


Now it’s time to remind the Palaszczuk government to lead this conversation. Queenslanders don’t want to ever see the experience of the Newman government repeated – legislation rushed through in the dark of night to strip away the rights of workers. Queenslanders have rights, it’s time for politicians to move to make sure their actions are subject to high standards and rights safeguards.

People from right across our Queensland community should be part of this conversation.  Groups that have been traditionally subjected to forms of discrimination or had their rights infringed, the voices of people with disabilities, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, workers, and women should be part of this discussion.

That’s why I’m asking you to sign this petition today and share it around. 

Congratulations on standing together for rights in Queensland against all odds.

When Queenslanders voted for change we showed that integrity and accountability matters.  Now let’s be part of the conversation for rights in Queensland – that means working towards a bill of rights now.

For the rights we all have. A bill of rights for Queensland.

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