A Healthy Queensland for our kids

As we head into the festive season Queensland families are putting together the final preparations a time spent with loved ones.

The Newman government has recently announced hundreds of job cuts at the Royal Children’s Hospital, to aged care facilities and across health districts.

What does this mean for sick Queensland kids.

Sign the Petition to stop the axe being taken to the Royal Children’s Hospital.

‘Children will die’

Cuts like this have real consequences on the lives of children and their families. Our community needs and expects politicians to deliver funds for quality, accessible and modern services. As Alex Scott, Together Secretary said at a meeting outside of the Royal Children’s Hospital, “This government should be leaving no stone unturned to try and save every child's life."

‘Patients before profits’

It’s that simple. Queenslanders have been getting on with the job of building a better health system for our entire community, for patients and their families, but the Newman government have put their job cut agenda above sick kids, nursing homes and better care. The lives of these kids and the people that deliver these services should be given priority over a short sighted plan to cut investment in Queenslanders.

“It feels like Christmas at the Children's Health Service has been cancelled."

The words of one of the workers at the Royal Children’s hospital about what the cuts mean to these workers, patients and their families at this time of year. Let’s stand together to put pressure on the Newman Government to reverse this decision and build on the support that exists across Queensland for better services not more cuts.

Help stick up for our hospitals and health services. Be part of Working For Queenslanders.

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