A leaked plan for privatisation in TAFE

This morning Australia found out about Malcolm Turnbull’s radical plan to destroy the TAFE system as we know it. The plan, leaked to news outlets, would see fees sky rocket as low-grade private training providers engage in a race to the bottom. Turnbull’s plan is Campbell Newman’s radical agenda for TAFE but on steroids.

See Turnbull's radical plan here. 

This plan would see student fees skyrocket, a race to the bottom amongst private providers and a dismantling of the TAFE sector that you have worked hard to build together. 

It doesn’t have to be this way.

Sign the petition today

Queenslanders have already demonstrated that they can stop these outrageous attacks in the tracks. Last year, Queenslanders voted to stop privatisation and attacks on the TAFE sector that characterised the Newman government era. The Palaszczuk government has taken important steps to rebuild the sector, to get TAFE working again and fund skills for all of us instead – this leaked federal government plan undermines these reforms in the name of ‘competition’

Add your name today – for a TAFE and vocational sector for all of us.

Ahead of the next COAG meeting in March, it’s important that Premier Palaszczuk and Training Minister Yvette D’Ath hear from people like you who are prepared to stand up for education and for strong public services. The Turnbull government needs to get this message loud and clear and we’re asking the Queensland government to speak up for you, for students and for vocational education for all of us.

TAFE workers, students and everybody involved in the sector understand what’s at stake here. By signing today you can join with the people standing up for education, jobs and the opportunities that a strong public vocational sector brings all of us.

Vocational education is about giving people a future. Cutting TAFE means cutting off the chance for people to get the skills they need to have quality high-paying jobs. Why can’t our government support the people who are trying to find a trade with quality publicly funded training?

 Don’t miss this chance to share this with your colleagues and ask them to sign.

If you work in TAFE, the best way to build power to face these attacks is by joining your union if you aren't already – you can get started today and be voice that counts. 

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