A message from Dr Chris Davis

It is absolutely vital that we don't leave politics to chance.


Arrogance, ignorance and aggression is what we saw when Campbell Newman picked his fight with doctors. His inability to work on solutions has led to massive waiting lists leaving hundreds of thousands of patients without an appointment to save or improve their lives.

A surgery guarantee is meaningless if you can't see a doctor.

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The best "guarantee" of improving the public health system is investment in our public hospital system, our doctors, allied health and support staff, in new health care technologies and the very pivotal role of teaching and research.

This election is truly critical for the future of Queensland for all these very important issues - not only for us but very importantly, our young people - our children and our grandchildren.

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In my experience, the LNP government has stifled the voice of health workers in the health system, just as my voice was stifled within the government itself.

That is why I am using my voice now to send the Newman government a message. Decisions on public health should be about patients and not profits.

Please help spread our message this election by donating to the first or to the second of these new ads.

With your support, we can restore balance and integrity to the parliament of Queensland.

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