I'm for a real plan.

Our Working For Queenslanders movement is building. Supporters have been out distributing leaflets in their local community, talking about how privatisation will damage their community, holding local rallies and building a community of action for the Queensland we all deserve. 

With this, with your endorsement, and with your voice we can win. 

We wanted to share the video of Independent MP Carl Judge congratulating all Working For Queenslanders supporters on their commitment so far. By spreading the word you can make the voice for quality services even louder in Mackay on May 10 when all Queensland politicians gather to talk about a Queensland Plan. 

You can join with thousands of others by signing our petition calling on the Premier to reject privatisation. 

We are just weeks away from the release of the final Costello report and the government's response. Every day from here it's up to us to make it clear that any plan should be a plan for quality services. From today, it's up to all of us to make it clear that privatisation will hurt every Queenslander that relies on essential services. 

Add your name so that on May 10 at its summit in Mackay the Newman government hears loud and clear that a 'Queensland Plan' should be focused on quality services. 

Say 'I'm for a real plan.' A real plan for Queenslanders not a plan for privatisation. 

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