Balance for a better Queensland

Balance. Campbell Newman's recent power grabs at the expense of the judiciary, working people and fellow parliamentarians who dare question their actions is putting things out of balance in Queensland.

Already, thousands of Queenslanders have stepped up to tell Campbell Newman that 'enough is enough' 

By signing petitions and chipping in for our ad people have shown that they are prepared to stand up for democracy in Queensland. 

You can check out our petition for judicial independence here

You can sign and share our petition calling for Independent, Liz Cunningham, to be reinstated as chair of the Parliamentary Crime & Misconduct Committee after the Newman government sacked the commitee for asking questions of the head of the CMC, Dr Ken Levy, and dealings with the head of the Premiers' media unit. 

See the petition here. 


Finally, the response to our push to get an ad out there to send Campbell Newman a message loud and clear to stop his power grabs is going gangbusters. We've been overwhelmed by the response, to those who have chipped in already thank you, if you want to join them you can still contribute via the link below.

Find out more and chip in here. 

We'll be sending the ad details your way over the coming days. 

The fight for balance, for diverse voices, for a respect for the separation of powers, is a fight worth having, a fight that's beyond partisan politics and a fight for an open, inclusive and democratic Queensland for our future. 

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