Have your say on the Bill of Rights!

We have some exciting news to share - we are now getting close to establishing a Bill of Rights in Queensland and everyone is talking about it!

Due to the work of thousands of Queenslanders like you who put pressure on state politicians, this week a Queensland parliamentary committee began listening to evidence from experts on how Queenslanders should model our Bill of Rights.

This is an important step in the process that will eventually lead to what we’ve all been working towards for the past 2 years.

However, one of the last steps falls to you.

This week, former National’s Senator Bill O’Chee made an important point about a Bill of Rights in Queensland. He said

‘..the greatest threat to individual rights is, ironically, a poorly thought out Bill of Rights.’

There are many reasons people like you support a bill of rights. Maybe it’s because you were horrified about the attacks on peoples’ rights under the Newman government? Maybe it’s because you want the marginalised voices in our community to be heard?

That is why it’s so important we get this right.

Up until Monday April 18th, the parliamentary committee is accepting submissions from the public to help decide what to include in Queensland’s Bill of Rights.

This is a fantastic opportunity shape the future of our rights in Queensland and ensure our Bill of Rights is fair, equitable and protects all Queenslanders.

Click here to have your say.

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