Changes for the new Prime Minister

What an event!

Last Friday, thousands upon thousands of people came together, lit up the evening in Brisbane to demonstrate how 'Australia says welcome.'

You can see a video recap here.

Our Working For Queenslanders community joined with people of all ages, faiths and backgrounds, to say that we are ready for Australia to do more to be part of the solution to the humanitarian crisis and that we are ready to step up at a local level. This rally was just the start.  

See some of the stories of people in attendance and share the video.

It's by sharing stories like these that we can use this momentum for change, let’s not miss this opportunity to Australia can and must do better. The government's announcement to accept an extra 12 000 people fleeing the conflict in Syria is welcome but we need to keep pushing.

Stepping up for the things that matter is what you do and I'm confident that together we will continue to do this and achieve change.

The momentum for human rights in Queensland

Because of you - a Human Rights Act For Queensland is a step closer.

Recently, we've seen the Queensland Labor Party endorse a human rights act in their platform and the campaign continues to grow.

The campaign has just launched its new website – you can jump on and find out more for yourself here.

A new Prime Minister

As you are no doubt aware, Australia has a new PM today, Malcolm Turnbull, who last night ousted Tony Abbott as Liberal Party leader. Over the past two years you have called out Tony Abbott's cuts and attacks on the community. Now, we want to find out: What changes do you think Malcolm Turnbull should make to Tony Abbott's policies?

Here's our survey to tell us which policies you want to see Malcolm Turnbull change. 

Staying on the front foot

Starting on Thursday we'll be sending out a weekly update to supporters like you. Some of the issues will be issues our Working For Queenslanders community will be taking a lead on, others will be things that we think you might be interested in and opportunities to get involved in activities that will make our communities better places to live, work and grow.

I’m looking forward to sharing to share these stories, and hearing from people like you on what activities are happening on the ground. You can send us through any activities, actions or important campaigns to [email protected]

We've done some big things together, like stopping privatisation in its tracks. We're stronger as a result and ready to do even bigger things and make change happen.

Here's to what's next!

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