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What sort of Queensland do we want to live in? 

That's the question many Queenslanders have been asking as they have seen Campbell Newman's government move to trample on the separation of powers, judicial independence in Queensland, and attacking parliamentarians who question them, by introducing laws that give the government the power to indefinitely detain people and to arrest people because of who they are with not what they do and to stifle debate. 

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That's why we're asking you to stand up against these attacks on the judiciary, these attacks on the separation of power, these attacks on the basic tenets of our democracy. 

We know that Campbell Newman and his government are sensitive to public pressure. Let's give them a message so clear that they can't ignore: by being part of this today.

Together, you and I can step up to stop Campbell Newman's power grab and stand for a better Queensland. 

Let's get to it.