Disability Services: Week of Action

This week workers from Disability Services joined with people with disabilities, and their families to show the importance of disability services to their local communities and how the community expects local politicians to deliver quality services for people with disabilities. 

That's what the Disabilities Week of Action was all about. That's what this blog is all about highlighting and that's why the people sticking up for quality services in disabilities should motivate us all. That's why we will keep fighting with these workers for quality services as part of our movement.  


On Tuesday, 9th April Ipswich disability service workers took the opportunity to talk about what really matters, who public services are really for and took action because everyday they are Working For Queenslanders. 

Providing quality disability care to the people that need it is something we can all agree on as a basic value, how we treat people and how we support the people that devote their working day to improving lives reflects on us and the communities we want to build. We have seen some important steps taken for people with disabilities in recent years, we can't let the Newman government cuts and the privatisation push undermine the steps we have taken together. 

Privatisation of the services that Queenslanders rely on will mean more pressure on the carers, the families and the people with disabilities to build better lives. Privatisation means increased costs and reduced service delivery, this is something that the Queensland community understands, that's why we are seeing widespread opposition to further privatisation of essential services ahead of the release of the Costello Report. 

That's why it's worth taking a moment to watch the video, share it with your mates and be reminded about what this fight is all about, namely, the kind of Queensland we want to live in. 

With ongoing action like this we can ensure that a 'Queensland Plan' is a plan for quality services in disabilities not privatisation. 

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