Don't let Tony Abbott cut more

Queenslanders have faced off against the Newman governments cuts to health and their privatisation plans and won. It’s time to show the Federal Government that Queenslanders won’t accept their lies and cuts ahead of the federal budget either.

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Now, with a new government Health workers are getting on with the job of delivering for patients, whilst the need for even greater funding for patient care continues to grow and we want to see a renewed focus on preventative health measures.

All of this could be put at risk as Tony Abbott and Joe Hockey push ahead with their budget in May. After the failures last year of the Abbott Government to get their budget measures passed we are all watching even more closely now. This is a government that pushed to make patients pay more to go to the doctor, for students to pay more to go to university and for the people who could least afford it to pay more whilst letting big business off the hook.

As part of that horror budget, $40 billion was snatched away from the States’ health budgets over the forward estimates, money taken away from patients, money that could be used to deliver better services in public care but instead Tony Abbott’s obsession with cuts will see less money for the health services that matter over coming years.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

Now, less than a month away from the budget, let’s get out there and tell our Prime Minister to start putting people and patients first and rule out any cuts to health funding.

Tell Tony Abbott to keep his hands off our health services in the budget.

Queenslanders, and all Australians deserve the best quality care, not cuts at a time when our health services are under increasing pressure. That’s why I’m asking you to join me in this movement, you’ve shown before here in Queensland that change is possible, so let’s do it again by acting together and showing our strength.

With you. Let’s keep putting patients first and tell Tony Abbott to keep his hands off health funding.

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