From the public health budget to private pockets

On Sunday, Health Minister, Lawrence Springborg, announced more money set aside for the public health will end up in the pockets of private companies. 

For every public health problem, the LNP's only answer is to give more money to private companies. 

Instead of expensive slick advertising campaigns, the government should start listening to healthcare professionals, its workers and the community about delivering more accessible public healthcare. 

Tackling waiting list times and getting better care to more Queenslanders in a timely fashion is a worthy goal, a goal that health workers are committed to, but it's clear that this government appears more concerned with being seen to be "doing something" than listening to its workforce on how to assist patients. 

Have your say now. 

Should money in the budget set aside for public health go to delivering public healthcare or go towards lining the pocket of private companies? 

Public health care matters and public money should go to access in this system. 

I want to see private companies get more taxpayer money for services normally delivered in public hospitals. 

Have your say and be part of our movement for a better Queensland. Your voices are worth hearing: you’ve shifting the landscape in Queensland through your actions over the past two years, let’s make sure the government hears loud and clear that public health care shouldn’t be shortchanged during the final sitting week of Parliament. 

Thank you once again to everybody who has contributed. If you haven't already but want to be part of getting our message out you can chip in here. The government is spending tens of millions of taxpayer dollars on advertising. Can you contribute $32 to make sure the voice of health workers and the community is heard? 

Our next run of ads are about to kick off, starting off with our ad focusing on Campbell Newman's broken promises and this will be followed up with ads that talk about how this government has let Queenslanders down in public health. 

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