From Victoria to Queensland

Nobody thought they could do it. For the first time in 60 years a first-term government has been defeated in Victoria – and it was sent packing because workers and community members led a strong grassroots campaign of doorknocking, speaking to voters, and taking a stand for public sector jobs and public sector services. People power won! This is an election victory not for party politics as usual but for the members of the community who worked to make their voices heard.

Meanwhile, in Queensland, we see another Reachtel poll that show that Campbell Newman's LNP have fallen behind and would lose an election if it were held today. The next election is going to be close!

You don’t need to read the polls though: you can just see how much public money the government is desperately spending on ad campaigns to try to spin themselves out of their record on cutting jobs and public services. Again, nobody thought at the beginning that this would be so close, but your actions have made a crucial difference.

Now is a big moment, a potential turning point. The politicians in Queensland are hoping they can avoid the fate of their Victorian mates by spending up big on advertising over the summer break – everyone will have forgotten about the job cuts by next year, won’t they?

The answer to that question is in your hands. Now is the chance to show that their spin is no match for people power. 

Here are a few things you can do to show that people here in Queensland too want jobs, quality public services and no more lies on pay. 

  1. Come doorknocking this weekend with other supporters. RSVP HERE. It's a chance for you to take your message directly to residents, to bypass the media spin and share your story with people you just haven't met yet. We'll be in Mansfield on Saturday 6 December from 1:30pm & Mount Coot-tha on Sunday 7 December from 10:30am. 
  2. You can chip in to get our ad to more people in more places. We were told to take the ad down, but you stayed strong and it's back on the air. This ad will be followed by a message about health workers. We are very close to meeting our fundraising goal but we need more help to get over the line – contribute now! We can’t stop just short of the goal with a few days to spare.
  3. Be part of the conversation. Talk to a colleague, friend or family member about how they too can be part of this movement for a better Queensland. It starts with you and me. 

In Victoria, we see stories about the same old party politics being replaced by another way – people in the community actively participating in the election not just by voting but by talking to voters, doorknocking, donating money, and making positive change.

Victoria’s election ended up being about people who understand that jobs and services matter. You have the chance to do the same in Queensland.

An exciting couple of months awaits. Let’s make change happen.

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