Getting our priorities - rights

A Bill Of Rights for Queensland is in the news, but there’s more to do. Already thousands of you signed, shared and lead the discussion for rights in Queensland over the past few weeks. 

Download our Bill Of Rights For Queensland brochure here. 

It’s great news to see politicians talking a bill of rights, and how this is progressing, but as you can see from this news there is more work to be done to make sure every politician in Queensland understands just what is at stake and why getting moving on this matters to all of us – for the rights we all have.

See the news story here. 

Now, it’s up to every one of us to renew our efforts to make this a priority for our politicians, because Queenslanders have seen in recent years what happens when a government attacks the rights of individuals.

Sign and Share our petition to keep the momentum up ahead of parliament reconvening next week.

Can you help make it a priority by signing today and taking the petition to more than 3000 signers?

Let’s not stop now, let’s push hard for the rights we all have. For Queensland.

We've also put together a brochure that helps explain why Queensland needs a bill of rights, the Newman experience and the Labor Party's position on the issue. Click here to get it for yourself. 

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