Hands off our buses

Privatisation sells Queenslanders short, it sells our kids future short and sells short the services we all rely on. Our movement has stood up for public health services and assets.

Now, it's time to stand up for transport we all rely on. That's why we're supporting the Hands Off Our Buses campaign. Our movement has stood with commuters and fought cuts to bus services last year, but now these services face an even bigger threat -- the Newman government's plan for privatisation of bus services in the South-East. 

As the Rail Tram Bus Union State Secretary, Owen Doogan, has said 'bus drivers believe that Queensland should be investing in world-class public transport, not privatising it.' 

Privatisation will lead to higher fares and fewer services. Whether it's our buses, hospitals or electricity prices, privatisation will cost all of us more and deliver less. 

Help out with the hands off our bus campaign here. 

You've shown before that stopping the sell-off of assets and services is important to you. Right now you can demonstrate that commitment by coming out and helping over the next 10 days. There will be supporters out spreading the message as commuters make their way to work, at early voting events and letterbox activities. 

Click here to help out in these activities. 

By getting out there you can make sure that every Queensland voter understands that privatisation is on the line this election, that by voting and numbering every square they can say no to privatisation of our hospitals, our buses and our electricity assets. 

Congratulations on everything you have done and everything you do over the next 11 days to stand up for public services and for a better Queensland.

It's worth it.

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