Your Say for the Queensland we all deserve

Whether we are talking to the young family from Ipswich who relies on its local public school, the single mother in Townsville who gets assistance from workers in disability services or the older Queenslander in Pine Rivers who gets care at their local hospital, we hear their stories and why they care about building a better Queensland. We know majority of Queenslanders believe we should all have equal access to services – that no matter where we live or how much we earn we should all be able to access things like health, safety and education.

 We’ve now heard the government’s plan for Queenslanders - to privatise services and dress this up as ‘contestability’. 

 We know that Queenslanders want more than a position to oppose privatisation, they want communities to come together to change the places we live for the better. That’s where you come in, it’s where so many of you have already been involved by participating in this movement and talking about the Queensland we all deserve to your friends and family. At the end of the day, it’s up to you to you have your say to shape our future campaigns around your vision for a better Queensland by completing this small survey.

 While the government is talking about its Queensland Plan, it is unveiling its privatisation plan that aims to avoid all accountability by handing our services over to the cheapest provider, not the best provider. We know Queensland can do better than this, we know Queenslanders believe we can do better and we know this is why the Working for Queenslanders movement continues to grow.

 You can also tell the government about the Queensland you want to build at

 Our movement has seen thousands of signatures gathered, forums attended and conversations continuing with family, friends and communities about this important issue. That’s because this is a movement that is about more than the day to day politics here in Queensland, it’s your movement that is ready to build the Queensland we all deserve, and that starts with you today in creating this vision and continuing to act.

 Be part of it for the Queensland we all deserve. 

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