How you are making a difference

There has been a huge amount going on in our Working for Queenslanders movement. Here is a quick update:

  • Dozens of Working for Queenslanders volunteers took time to knock on doors, talk to members of the community and hand out flyers in Redcliffe, in support of local community services and jobs. Well done to the people who contributed: you have made a real difference: the massive 17% swing meant that even the LNP admitted it had been “sent a clear message.” They are now trying to claim that feeling is limited to Redcliffe – the next step is to show them no, the community support of services and opposition to privatisation is spread all across Queensland.
  • Proving just how widely and deeply felt  the support for our public services is, you can see polling that shows the same kind of swings spreading across Brisbane: Sandgate and Ipswich West. This is a reflection of the conversations that you and your friends have been having about the importance of public services and jobs.
  • Thanks to donations from supporters like you, we had an ad appear in the Courier Mail, speaking up in defence of Queensland’s independent judiciary after the government has repeatedly launched attacks on judges, lawyers and the execution of justice. Our people-funded campaign is still running and you can still chip in to spread the message.
  • Finally, your contributions and help have been supporting doctors across Queensland who have been fighting unfair individual contracts that strip away their rights. Big rallies of doctors who work in public hospitals are continuing across the state. You can get up to speed on what’s going on here and chip in to support our doctors here.

This is a lot, but it’s still only the beginning: your community powered movement is making a real difference.

We can expect the government to complain about being made accountable – they tried in the Redcliffe by-election to pretend that the workers at polling booths weren’t “real.” You know better –with you, our Working for Queenslanders grassroots movement can show them just what a real voice for the Queensland community looks like.

Well done for everything you have done so far, and get ready for even more.

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