Information Sessions

Information Sessions

We’ve spoken a lot about a Human Rights Act for Queensland but what does it actually mean? Find out and have your say on one of the sessions being run across the state by the Anti-Discrimination Commission, starting in two weeks’ time.  You can RSVP and find out details here. 

There’s still more work to be done before our goal of better protection of Queenslanders’ rights becomes a reality. These sessions are a great opportunity for people like you who have stood up for human rights, for accountability and for a better Queensland to be heard.

No Medicare privatisation

The Turnbull government this week has announced plans to attack Medicare and gut it through privatisation. The government want to dress it up as ‘improving technology’, but this plan will mean the ‘Americanisation’ of our public health sector. People’s records will be handed over to privately-run American for profit corporations! How could this not ring alarm bells!?

You have come together against privatisation of public hospitals before and won here in Queensland. Now, with Malcolm Turnbull’s dangerous privatisation plans in the works it’s time to get out and act again. You can get started by signing this petition to make sure the government is under no illusion how the community feels on this issue and that people like you are ready to act for public health against these attacks. 

The Purple Army

There’s been a great response – close to 50 people have signed up to be part of the Purple Army. In just a few weeks Purple Army activists will have the chance to get started by making phone calls to people in their community to talk about the issues that matter. If you haven’t signed up yet, don’t worry, we’ll give you a phone call to give you a run down of what’s involved and how you can build power in our communities for legislative change to make Queensland a better place to live, work and grow. Sign up here.

Turnbull’s TAFE Takeover

More than 1300 people have added their name in our petition in support of TAFE workers, students and the importance of a strong public vocational education sector. The Turnbull government’s TAFE takeover will mean privatisation, increased costs for students, and profiteering in place of quality vocational education and training. You can join with the 1300 who have signed by adding your name today for TAFE and the opportunities it gives students to get the skills they need to get ahead.  

In brief
Junior Doctors in the UK take further strike action as union members against the Conservative Government's attacks on their profession and public healthcare. Around Australia, the community has gathered over the past week to tell Malcolm Turnbull to let 267 asylum seekers who stand to be sent to offshore detention in Nauru to stay in Australia. Australians are saying #letthemstay - you can too here.  

The market for seaborne thermal coal has been hit hard in recent years, so hard that groups like Goldman Sachs believe it is in terminal decline. It’s a problem of both too much coal production, and declining international demand. Given all this, the Queensland Resources Council, the main lobbyist for Queensland’s coal industry, has been acting weirdly. This week they called on the government to cut royalties to support struggling mines. At the same time they are boosting the Carmichael mega-mine which will flood the market with even more coal and cannibalise existing coal jobs across the country. Perhaps they don’t actually care about jobs at all. 

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Thanks for everything you do.


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