2013 will see a federal inquiry into rights at work.

You did it! Thanks to your support, the federal politicians have agreed to hold a Senate inquiry in 2013 that will look at Queenslanders' rights at work.

See the Petition that helped make it happen here.

The inquiry will be able to provide more detail and more material on why a federal intervention is needed. It is an important victory in making sure the job cuts stay on the agenda, despite Campbell Newman's plan to distract Queenslanders from what he has done our state.

The inquiry is a sign that federal politicians are prepared to respond to pressure and take responsibility given that the Newman government is ignoring its own responsibility to Queenslanders. A responsibility to build better, stronger and fairer communities.

This inquiry is a victory, and we need to keep building our victory to spread the message and increase the pressure on politicians at all level to do the right thing by the people of our state.

Our state’s families, jobs, communities, and future depend on those who are Working for Queenslanders. We can win and we are getting stronger every day – now it’s time to add your support.

Join with others Working For Queenslanders.

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