Support the move for better job security for public sector workers

Job security is important. Lack of job security is a stress that affects many workers, and it is becoming a bigger and bigger problem in the Queensland public sector.

Under the federal Fair Work system, someone who is on long-term temporary employment has the right to be made permanent by a decision of the independent umpire.


Because the rules are different for Queensland public sector workers, more and more people are on long-term rolling temporary contract arrangements, with little job security.This is bad for these workers and bad for Queensland's service delivery.

Right now people are campaigning for state politicians to change the law to fix this issue and stop the problem of spreading temporary contracts. Here are three things you can do to help:

This is the best chance to fix the growing problem of temporary employment we've had in over 15 years. We have the chance right now, while politicians are considering changes to the current law. If we can change the mind of 45 Queensland politicians, we can change the law and fix the problem.

Let's do it now!

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