Lawrence Springborg's desperate privatisation play

Lawrence Springborg is talking privatisation and his desperation is showing. 

In a media interview yesterday he said that Queenslanders could reconsider privatisation after looking at the NSW experience. 

"So maybe one day the voters might want to reconsider that sort of thing."

Tell Lawrence Springborg to walk away from privatisation once and for all.

Straight after the election Lawrence Springborg was desperate to cling to power, claiming the LNP had walked away from its privatisation agenda.

Now, amid LNP chaos in the political wilderness, Lawrence Springborg is again showing his desperation to fend off a challenge by signalling his preparedness to talk privatisation again to satisfy big business and their political allies. 

Now instead of sticking to his word and standing with the public, he is more concerned with his leadership by giving a wink and nod to privatisation backers. 

Isn't it time that Lawrence Springborg finally stood for something and stood up once and for all against privatisation? 

Tell Lawrence Springborg to walk away from privatisation once and for all.  

Queenslanders like you showed just how engaged you were in the fight against privatisation, you got out in the community, talked to your friends and voted to stop the LNP's privatisation agenda. This wasn't because of media cycles, social media or lack of discussion, it was because people understand how privatisation means job cuts, fewer services in our regions and taxpayers' money going to private profits. 

No matter how many times Campbell Newman, Lawrence Springborg or others say the word 'reform' it doesn't just amount to whatever narrow agenda they are trying to push. 

Queenslanders want better services, a safe environment and an economy that works for all of us. Not Campbell Newman or Lawrence Springborg's chaos, desperation and privatisation. 

Add your name today to tell Lawrence Springborg you're not for turning on privatisation - tell him to walk away from privatisation once and for all.

Every day people like you step up for the things that matter - keep it up. 

With all the changes at the federal level, we're hearing renewed calls to privatise public hospitals.  

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