Lawrence Springborg's privatisation

This week, Lawrence Springborg has been trying to tell Queenslanders his party has learnt the lesson on asset sales and is desperately trying to cling to power despite the message Queenslanders sent the LNP government.

Lawrence Springborg is talking, trying to woo MPs and muddying the waters – it’s time to end asset sales once and for all. 

The first step in clearing things up for all of us is for Lawrence Springborg to come clean on his record – an agenda of privatisation of key services in our public hospitals dressed up as contestability. As Health Minister Lawrence Springborg moved towards the privatisation of pathology, biomedical services, radiology and medical records.

There isn’t a public health issue that, as Minister, Lawrence Springborg didn’t think could be solved by giving more money to private companies to run services for profit.

Tell Lawrence Springborg it’s time to come clean on his privatisation record. 

Queenslanders voted for no asset sales and for quality public services and there are now 45 MPs elected who are opposed to privatisation which is good news. It’s time for Lawrence Springborg as LNP leader to rule out privatisation. Only then can he claim to have learnt his lesson that the public sent loud and clear when they voted.

Thank you for everything you do.

You can spread the word by sharing the petition here. Let's make sure all politicians understand that our assets and our public hospitals are not for sale.

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