Make a difference

The Newman government has attacked public services, weakening our economy and our communities. As individuals we can feel powerless against this onslaught.

If we stand together we can make a difference. Defending our communities and the services on which we rely is too important to leave to politicians and their political parties - that's why Working for Queenslanders is about giving our community a voice.

In 2012 we saw the Obama presidential campaign use community organising to win against the vested interests of big business and their media campaigns. For the first time this campaign will combine the best elements of the Obama campaign with the unique Queensland community spirit, bringing together public servants and all Queenslanders who care about services.

All Queenslanders can be part of this campaign: no matter where you live, where you work or if you don't; you can make a difference in 2013.

If you care about your community and want to defend it against the Newman government's attacks, this is your opportunity to get involved and make a difference.

Sign up to Working for Queenslanders below so you can find out more about our movement and decide how you want to get involved.

For the Queensland we all deserve. 

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