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Campbell Newman is hurting Queensland’s economy and cutting jobs in all regions of Queensland, and now he wants to cut services in Moura's hospital.

 Moura, a mining town in central Queensland, is a place like hundreds of others across our vast state, where many families already face challenges accessing services without having to drive hours away and now Campbell Newman’s government is making it even harder by closing this community hospital.

Campbell Newman is refusing to visit Moura to talk about his government’s decision to downgrade their only hospital. We might not have access to a government jet but even if we can’t make it we can stand with Moura families for their hospital. A picket line for the time when the kids get sick, a picket line for the time we have an accident, a picket line for basic services in outback Queensland.

Sign to stand with our mates in Moura.

We all know that Queensland is a big state, you can spread the word across these big distances by sharing with your friends online and asking them to join you by standing with Moura.

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