Newman's Doctored Truth

I am a sub-specialty trained anesthetist, and worked for Queensland Health for many years. I resigned on April 30 last year, as a direct result of the government’s introduction of unfair contracts for senior doctors.

This is my story.

Working as a doctor, or anywhere in the health system or hospitals is incredibly rewarding but very hard. Let alone trying to do so with fewer resources, less staff and worse conditions.

People are being forced to work tired, because there are no other options. Patients need us. But what they need more are alert, unstressed health professionals who are supported by their government to provide the best possible care.

Campbell Newman, Lawrence Springborg and the LNP have devastated Queensland Health over the past three years. 5,000 health workers have been sacked. “Shorter” waiting lists are really just a sleight of hand. In reality, patients are far down their list of concerns.

My story is just one amongst many. I’m sure you have a friend or family member who has a story from their own perspective. As a patient in need of care. As a health worker doing their best against the odds.

Please share this video, and sign up here to take action on health.

In just two weeks we can choose to change the direction of our state’s public health system. I believe it’s time we started putting patients first.

Dr. Nicole Fairweather

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