After cutting public services,  cutting thousands of jobs and putting our public assets up for sale, the Newman government has announced plans to use hundreds of millions of dollars in taxpayer money to fund an overseas coal mining giant's project.

The state government has said it will provide taxpayer money to this project, and take an equity stake in it, but is hiding how much of your money it is spending and what sort of stake it will take at the same time, claiming this information is under ‘commercial in confidence’. At the same time, it has continued telling Queenslanders that there is no choice but to hand over assets and services to be run for profit. So much for transparency!

The Newman government’s move was described as ‘reckless and irresponsible’ by GetUp! who have launched a campaign to call out this flagrant misuse of taxpayer fund. The Newman government has cut, cut, and cut again, telling Queenslanders to expect less from their public services. But at the same time, they’re prepared to spend an unknown multi-million dollar sum to fund a project that has struggled attract investment from banks. And this is not to mention the terrible effect that that coal mining deal will have on our climate and the beautiful Great Barrier Reef.

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Together, Queensland’s public sector union, has been working in Ashgrove for real change – for a government that respects and values all Queenslanders and the work they do. We are targeting Ashgrove because of the long and growing list of Campbell Newman’s broken promises to his electorate and to all of Queensland.

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Next week Tony Abbott is taking new unfair workplace laws to the Senate and hoping he can get his way. 

Already 20,000 Australians have spoken to or emailed crossbench senators to ask them to support Australian workers and remind them they have an opportunity to help stop Tony Abbott's attempts to bring back Workchoices one attack at a time.

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You are invited to a combined unions/Working for Queenslanders meeting to discuss the community campaign to make the state government accountable in our local area.

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Working for Queenslanders is a movement that is focused on the best way to deliver services to the community, and ensuring that people can have a say on these issues.

As a member of the community, you can have your say at one of the "Community Forums" being organised by the Treasurer for regions across the state.

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You don't have to be a lawyer to believe that confidential conversations with judges should be kept confidential. And you don’t have to be a lawyer to ask for higher standards from our politicians who are tasked with administering laws, like the Attorney-General of Queensland, Jarrod Bleijie.

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