Recently, Campbell Newman reconfirmed his support of privatisation to more than 1000 business and industry leaders at a corporate lunch.

Despite his announcements that the ‘poles and wires’ of our electricity assets are not for sale, Campbell Newman put forward potential ‘public-private partnerships’ and the privatisation of state owned power generators, ports and other key infrastructure that Queenslanders rely on.

These comments by Campbell Newman have highlighted the LNP’s longstanding plans for asset privatisations and for big companies to play a greater role in delivering services for Queensland.

Campbell Newman’s privatisation is here and there’s more to come.

We know that, despite the rhetoric and tricky words like ‘contestability’, that this privatisation agenda is well and truly underway. People across Queensland are seeing contestability of services hitting hospital services like pathology and pharmacy.

You have the power to be part of the conversation on how Queensland will best deliver its electricity by making your contribution on this discussion paper for the 30-year electricity strategy. Hurry, the time for comment closes in 24 hours.

Campbell Newman’s government has been consistent in telling Queenslanders that they shouldn’t expect quality public services. His government insists ‘we can’t afford it’.

It has been empowering to see more and more people like you providing a strong response by saying ‘we can’t afford not to, we can’t afford not to fund quality public health services’ and by saying that Queenslanders can do better than Campbell Newman’s attempts to lower our expectations, and with it our access to quality public services. Quality public services are the very thing we elect our politicians to deliver.

Quality public services are what matter to Queenslanders.

Why do you think Campbell Newman is still talking to business and industry leaders about major privatisation?

What would you tell Campbell Newman about the sale of your assets if you were at his lunch?  

Please leave your comments here, or join the conversation on Facebook.


PS. Don’t forget to show your support on our petition that is calling on Premier Campbell Newman to reject any plans for privatisation in Queensland. 

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Balance. Campbell Newman's recent power grabs at the expense of the judiciary, working people and fellow parliamentarians who dare question their actions is putting things out of balance in Queensland.

Already, thousands of Queenslanders have stepped up to tell Campbell Newman that 'enough is enough' 

By signing petitions and chipping in for our ad people have shown that they are prepared to stand up for democracy in Queensland. 

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There is just over a week to go. Just over a week for us to join together and shape the conversation ahead of 7 September.  That's why we're asking all supporters to join us in one last push -- to have more conversations, to join us doorknocking, to talk to people about your experience with cuts. The services we all rely on are too important to be left to politicians who know nothing but cuts this federal election. 

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The federal election period has kicked off. We know this means a lot of noise, but we also know this is represents a unique opportunity to talk about the services that Queensland needs. 

We want to bring this message direct to voters at this critical time.

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In Tim Nicholls’ budget on Tuesday, Queenslanders heard this government commit to improve our services. He talked about  "accessible, quality services" (in a budget that increases cost of living) and chose not to mention his government’s privatisation agenda in his delivery. Within hours after this speech he was discussing his roll out plans for contestability and how this government will implement the privatisation of our services.  

Every budget promise made by this government remains hollow while this government persists to give away our valuable services and their responsibilities.

Now it’s our turn to begin rolling out our plans to win. Read on for more information on the results of a survey you may have recently participated in.

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Queenslanders are ready for more than just opposition to privatisation, we know that they are up for big things and we all want to be part of building a better Queensland. They want communities to come together to change the places we live for the better. It’s why so many of you are involved in this movement and are talking about the Queensland we all deserve with your friends and family. And why thousands of you completed our recent survey.

The next activity you can do to voice your concern for our future is share this video. You might have seen it on TV, but messages like this are even more powerful when they come from people like you sharing them online via social media or email.

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