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In Tim Nicholls’ budget on Tuesday, Queenslanders heard this government commit to improve our services. He talked about  "accessible, quality services" (in a budget that increases cost of living) and chose not to mention his government’s privatisation agenda in his delivery. Within hours after this speech he was discussing his roll out plans for contestability and how this government will implement the privatisation of our services.  

Every budget promise made by this government remains hollow while this government persists to give away our valuable services and their responsibilities.

Now it’s our turn to begin rolling out our plans to win. Read on for more information on the results of a survey you may have recently participated in.

Around two and half thousand Working for Queenslanders had their say on which services are most important to them and which services they will fight for against this government’s radical agenda.

Congratulations and thank you to all those who completed our survey to shape the future of our movement. You have helped ensure we can now move forward with a solid plan focused on what is important to us, our families and our communities.

The results of this survey indicated our movement ranks our state’s hospitals, health system and education sector as most important. Results confirmed our movement is most prepared to be involved in campaigns for these three vital services, with many others to follow.  

Results also show the vast experience we have involved in our movement, with many of you previously participating in actions like attending a rally, a forum or communicating with a politician.  

Shaped on these results the Working for Queenslanders team will now formulate a mission statement for you to read and have your say on whether you think the statement fits your vision for the future of our movement and your vision for Queensland. 

This government knows we are a part of a strong, growing movement dedicated to solidifying a better future for our state than the future they have planned. They know we will stand up for our communities, our families and our friends. They know we will stand up to have accessible services.

We know, with tens of thousands of Queenslanders standing together as part of our movement, they can’t ignore us.


Let’s keep it going, for a better Queensland.


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