Don't let Campbell Newman and Tony Abbott privatise our health services

Queenslanders have worked hard to build a world class health system; a health system that ensures every Queenslander can access healthcare wherever and whenever they need it. 

Campbell Newman has cut thousands of health jobs and is privatising hospital services. The Newman's government plan is for private companies to profit off delivering services in public hospitals. Privatisation means job losses and poorer quality services. By privatising health services, Campbell Newman is putting jobs and risk and hurting health services for Queenslanders and their families.

Campbell Newman has said to Tony Abbott: 'copy me.' If Tony Abbott wins, the push for privatisation will go further, which means we all lose. 

Wherever it is tried, privatisation is an economic disaster. Protect health services for Queenslanders and Queensland jobs. Tell Campbell Newman and Tony Abbott that our communities want politicians to deliver better health services and secure Queensland jobs.

For quality services. For all of us. 

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