Tens of thousands of people from Queensland and across Australia are joining Working for Queenslanders to build a better state and a better future.

Our grandparents and parents worked hard to set up a good state and a good society here in Queensland. They wanted to make sure that when we break a leg on a Saturday afternoon we are all treated by our hospital’s emergency department. That, when we reach school age we all have access to a decent education to learn valuable skills and attitudes.  

Queenslanders have built a state where it doesn’t matter where you live, how much you earn or no matter what situation you are faced with, we all have access to quality life services. Working for Queenslanders strives to continue this.

Our movement is run by the community. Our community of women and men, young and old, working and not working, are passionate about ensuring a good future for their state – we are Working for Queenslanders.

We help to build a better Queensland through lobbying relevant bodies, talking with others, by continuing to attend forums, letterbox their neighbourhoods, gathering thousands of petition signatures and talking to their communities about why ensuring a better future for our state is important to them.

Let's get to it. For the Queensland we all deserve. 

It’s great if you've already signed up to Working for Queenslanders, you can continue to grow our movement by signing in and help to spread the word online. You can also take the next step to energise our movement by volunteering. 

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